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 My inspiration for performing all of the greatest acoustic rock songs from the past and present is not limited to one or two artists or events, but a multitude of experiences and personal relationships over the years. Each decade has provided me with unique sources for inspiration. Back in the 60s it was the Beatles, my Father and Grandfather singing at weddings, garage bands, and Woodstock. Coming into my own during the 70s and 80s, I performed with college and local bands that provided lasting music and personal relationships with more encouragement.

Although I took some time off during the 90s to raise my daughter, Sherilyn, I was still in tune with the music community and was inspired by the varied genres and guitar styles. Today my wife, Tracy, daughter (pictured right, lip syncing with dad), and friends provide encouragement and certainly, constructive criticism to keep me musically sharp and focused.

The list of inspiring people would not be complete without mentioning old friends who I have been lucky enough to know, love, and play music with over the years. My good friends Frank “Frank Sings Frank” Cubillo, Jimmy Cantelmo, Doug Murphy, Angela Masciale, Bob “D” D’Andrade  and Joe Jerszynski have provided much personal and musical joy in my life. Lastly, I am inspired by the people and audiences I play for those who tell me they are simply, “Enjoying the Music.”

– Jimmy G.